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The different strains of Cannabis

Cannabis also known as marijuana can be categorized into three main groups, indicas, sativa, and hybrid. The two most popular types of cannabis include cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Both the cannabis sativa and cannabis indica come from the same plant but differ in a lot of ways. In comparison, sativa plants are known to have narrow leaves and long stem. However, when it comes to cannabis indica, it is categorized to having a short stem and broad leaves.

Secondly, cannabis sativa plants are often known to be having pungent smell sometimes very sweet and fruity while at times very pungent like diesel. In as much as the smell produced might be different, the effects produced by the cannabis sativa remains the same. The two different distinct effects produced by sativa plants include both energizing and stimulating effects. Sativa usage focuses on increasing an individuals creativity. This has made sativa popular among different groups such as artists and musicians. Therefore, the usage of cannabis sativa is often recommended in the morning or during the day since it gives the body energy to accomplish tasks.

On the other hand, Cannabis Indica are known to carry a variety of aroma ranging from sweet, fruity, pine, pungent and many more. The effects of cannabis indica include tension release and a relaxing body and muscles. This makes it easy as a pain reliever making it suitable for patients who chronic pain and muscle spasms. some countries have legalized the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. The high level of strain potency and medical effects can be attributed to the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has led to growing of cannabis plants with higher levels of THC.

THC is the prevalent compound found in cannabis strains. A majority of cannabis users in most cases attribute the level of meditation to the amount of THC present in the cannabis strain. Having legalized marijuana for medical purposes in some states, cannabis strain can now be bought online. One can now buy sativa online or even buy indica depending on their preferences. However, the individual must be of the legal age and from a state where the use of marijuana has been legalized. On the other hand, the amount of marijuana bought has been structured to contain a specific amount. Cannabis usage has different effects depending on the user and the type of strain used. It is, therefore, a good idea to be aware of the side effects of the different strains of sativa before engaging in any of the strains.

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