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Thicker and Fuller Hair Feels Great

It is just awful to have thinning hair. I never realized just how hard it can be until it happened to me. I honestly never thought I would have a problem with thinning hair because I had the thickest hair ever when I was much younger. Everyone raved about my hair, but genetics can be cruel at times. One of the first things to go with me was my gorgeous hair. I thought I just had to deal with it, but I changed my mind when I saw the Keranique reviews on a beauty website that I go to every week or so. Continue reading Thicker and Fuller Hair Feels Great

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When 100 Birds Decided to Turn Our Yard into a Campground

I never thought that birds could be a problem in your yard. I was wrong. I’m not talking wrens or robins. Not even cardinals or blue jays. Even a few noisy crows or a flock of pesky pigeons would have been preferable. No, we had about 100 Canada geese. The first couple of days it was an interesting novelty. Then the droppings began to pile up. And I really do mean pile up. We had to call in Canada geese control in New Jersey to get the birds to choose another spot to roost. Their droppings were all over the place, and they are not small little spots. They are quite big.

The birds themselves are huge too. A house wren probably weighs in at a just a few ounces. A male Canada goose can be 14 pounds. Our dog is only 12 pounds! Four of the birds are as heavy as our oldest child, and there were over 100 birds in our yard. Continue reading When 100 Birds Decided to Turn Our Yard into a Campground

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We Have Been in New Jersey

It was not quite so difficult as I suspected it might be to be honest. Jane’s grandfather had it all planned out in fact. He knew that he was going to die in the due course of events and he planned it out just like every other thing. He arranged it so that his assets would be divided up the way he wanted and he even bought his own grave marker. We did not have to do a thing. A place that sells monuments in Essex county NJ had already sent it to the cemetery plot and it was already standing there, just waiting for the final date to be engraved on it. Continue reading We Have Been in New Jersey

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The Yard is a Real Mess This Morning

Of course the NWS was really telling everyone that there was going to be high winds and we got them. It was pretty scary at the house for a couple of hours. Something fell on the roof and the dogs went absolutely crazy because of it. That was a decent sized limb. In the morning I started looking for a Queens tree service to help me clean up the mess that was left behind. Normally I would have went and borrowed a chainsaw from Mary’s brother and told him to send one of his friends to collect the firewood. However this was a different story. If a tree is upon the ground it does not really pose much of a threat to me and I do not think twice about starting up a chainsaw and cutting it up. Obviously if it is standing upright and not threatening to fall on me, then I am going to leave it alone for the most part. However this tree was doing neither of those things. Continue reading The Yard is a Real Mess This Morning

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A Tree Was Going to Ruin My Sewage System

I did not want to have the tree outside my house come down. It was not because I was especially attached to it. I just knew that it was going to cost a pretty penny to have it removed because of its size. If I could have left it up, I definitely would have. However, I did need to find a Nassau County tree removal company because the tree roots were interfering with my sewage drains. I kept having water getting backed up, and a camera down the drain revealed the tree to be the problem.

The roots were not so bad that they destroyed the drains, but the plumber had told me that it was going to happen one day. He told me that I could either have the tree cut down now, or I could have it cut down later. Continue reading A Tree Was Going to Ruin My Sewage System

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I Needed Some Help with Some Issues That Happened Recently

I heard an odd cracking noise and then a loud boom outside just a few weeks ago. I assumed that it was thunder because it was raining out. So, I just ignored the sound after that, but when I went outside later, I learned that a tree fell on my car. I had to call a Long Island tree company to come and remove the tree because it was so large and I was unable to do it myself. I also had to call my auto insurance company in to put in a claim as well because there had been some damage to my car. Both the tree and my car were handled pretty quickly, but I am confused why so many weird things have happened to me over the last few years.

Some people seem to be quite lucky in life. Continue reading I Needed Some Help with Some Issues That Happened Recently

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Removing a Large Tattoo That Annoyed My Sister

My sister went a little wild in her early adulthood. She got a big tattoo that runs over her shoulder and partway down her back and arms. She has regretted it since she got married and is now a mom. She wears clothes to cover it at work. She stopped swimming because it is visible to the public when she is wearing a swimsuit. Her personality is not what you would expect of those who might choose to get such a large tattoo. I told her about an aesthetic clinic that could help her in getting rid of it.

The type of ink used and the level of detail of the tattoo was a help in her being able to get rid of it and still have her skin heal nicely without a concern of visible scaring. Being young was also helpful in that. Continue reading Removing a Large Tattoo That Annoyed My Sister

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This Was the Only Site That Worked

Trying to find out how to hack a Kik account turned out to be harder than I thought. If you’ve been paying attention, there are many sites that promise to hack all sorts of online accounts. There are so many that it can often be a challenge trying to find one that works. The real danger is that you might end up using a site that requires a software download. These are often loaded with viruses and malware that will destroy your device. I’ve heard horror stories about someone trying to get into one of their accounts only to discover that their phone is dead.

I did a lot of research online to make sure this wouldn’t happen to me. I also asked all my friends about any programs or software they might have used to get into an account. Continue reading This Was the Only Site That Worked

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