I Won’t Tell You What You Want to Hear

I know that there are many people out there that will tell you what you want to hear to make you happy, but I am not one of those people. I learned a long time ago that if people tell you what you want to hear, that they are not listening to you or any of your needs and they won’t listen. The only thing that these people want is what is in front of them. The Parc Esta in Singapore is a great place to go and I have been going there for a while for drinks as one of my friends lives there, but I cannot imagine going there and listening to someone telling me what I want to hear after they find out that I have a very powerful job in the local government. It can be really hard to get ahead in life if everyone around you is trying to tell you what you need or what you should be doing.

Sometimes when I meet people and they want to make a big deal about my job, I ask them what they want and how they think they are going to get it from me if I think that they are not being honest. I have had some people tell me that I was insulting them and I have also had a few people tell me that they thought that I was gutsy to ask them such a thing, but I tell them that I respect honesty and they were insulting me by thinking that I would not have any clue what they were trying to pull over on me. I get sick thinking about all of the different things that people try to pull over on me when they do not realize I know exactly what it is.

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