Lost Without Your Ex? Learn How To Get Him Back With Simple Tips

Whether there were obvious signs the relationship was ending or if it came out of left field, a break-up can be devastating. After a break-up many women are left heartbroken and depressed. They can think of nothing else but him. They pick up the phone numerous times a day to call him, only to hang it back up because they don’t know what to say. They wait for a text saying he made a mistake, but it never comes. Though they may feel their lives are over, it doesn’t have to be that way. Some women have learned a few simple tips on how to get him back and those tips have worked many times. Of course, they don’t work 100% of the time, but for the men they don’t work for, those are the ones not worth having anyway.

One of the most difficult yet important tips in winning back an ex has to do with understanding his emotions. Though the women is usually a wreck after a break-up, the guy is too. He just doesn’t show it. He’s most likely rehashing the relationship over in his mind. The challenge is to get him to only remember the positive times in the relationship. This means that it’s of utmost importance to never contact him when upset or depressed. Be sure he doesn’t hear his ex is pining away. Instead let him wonder why she’s doing so well. This curiosity will peak his interest.

If a meeting happens by chance, listen to what he says. Most men don’t feel their significant others really listen to them, and may stop trying to explain themselves. Keep drama out of the picture. If he leaves this encounter thinking about the positives of the relationship, it will be easier to connect to him emotionally.

Don’t let him feel his ex is needy. Now is the time to begin a new hobby or interest. Take time to reconnect with friends and family. A few new outfits that boost self-esteem are a great idea. Those who feel good about themselves project a self-confident aura that causes them to become more attractive to others.

With the ex or without him, continue to live a successful and fulfilling life. Many men realize what they’ve lost after a break-up, especially when they see their ex self-assured and happy. Follow through and do it to get him back, but also do it for yourself.

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