Removing a Large Tattoo That Annoyed My Sister

My sister went a little wild in her early adulthood. She got a big tattoo that runs over her shoulder and partway down her back and arms. She has regretted it since she got married and is now a mom. She wears clothes to cover it at work. She stopped swimming because it is visible to the public when she is wearing a swimsuit. Her personality is not what you would expect of those who might choose to get such a large tattoo. I told her about an aesthetic clinic that could help her in getting rid of it.

The type of ink used and the level of detail of the tattoo was a help in her being able to get rid of it and still have her skin heal nicely without a concern of visible scaring. Being young was also helpful in that. Some tattoos have ink that is embedded deep, and some inks are harder to remove than others. It is a fact of life that there are cultural affiliations that people will classify you into if you have certain types of tattoos or even if you have a large tattoo versus a small one. Some people think it is a marker of promiscuity. Some think you are part of a gang. Others may not think anything about a tattoo at all. My sister disliked the attention her tattoo was bringing regardless of whether it was positive or negative. She just wanted it gone.

It is not an overnight process. The tattoo she had was large and was removed a little at a time. Now that she has had her last procedure to remover her tattoo and her skin has healed, you cannot tell anything was ever there. They did an amazing job at getting rid of the tattoo on my sister. Now she is back swimming again and not having to wear bulky clothes.

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