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7 Social Media Recruiting Best Practices

With the popularity of social media today, it would be awkward if your organization has not used it in recruitment. You can use social media for advertising various openings or as a talent base for your recruiting activities. Even with the endless social media recruitment pros, you need help in getting it right, especially during the initial stages. 7 of the top social media recruiting strategies are highlighted next.

Cultivate a positive online presence that includes social media platforms. A company’s whose online image is positive already has what it takes to get the right talent for certain positions. Therefore, you need to critically think about all your posts before placing them on your social media accounts since they will be used to form the image of your company.

Find out where professionals in your industry are sharing relevant information. This step will provide you with an excellent place to post your job opening since it will get to many people. Social media platforms that cater to job-related issues or industry-specific networks are your best bet.
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Create an impression that your company is the best employer ever. Companies that have succeeded in such a mission on social media will always attract top talent, and that reduces recruitment costs considerably. In fact, it will be potential hires who will seek employment from you, not the other way round.
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Create positive relationships with potential recruits even before they start searching for openings. Taking such a step will put your firm at the forefront when they start looking for places they can work. So, participate in discussions in groups or forums where they also contribute so that you can interact with them from time to time.

Paid up social media ads have become popular lately due to their effectiveness. Companies are now using such ads in favor of traditional recruitment firms. Sharing your job opening advert to a highly targeted audience should be your next step as it will lead to a high number of good CV’s.

Make certain to use your current employees in your social media recruitment endeavor. Ask them to post or share about job openings on their walls or even recommend persons who are likely to perform excellently. They can even add their personal experiences regarding their daily lives in the company to draw in top talent.

Ensure to take advantage of social media tools such as hashtags as they can increase the number of message recipients. The good thing is that even people who are not following your company will get to view such a post when they click an alternative message with a similar hashtag.

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